Sejal and Aishwarya on their relaxing surprise vacation!

We are back with another good story of planning a surprise trip for two friends who wanted an escape from their daily life. Sejal and Aishwarya were traveling with us for the first time, on their first-ever surprise vacation. Let us hear more from Sejal! I found WanderTrust on Instagram. I showed it to Aishwarya […]

Mamtha’s Rajasthan surprise for her beloved husband!

We all love to plan things for our loved ones which we know will make them happy. The feeling of being loved is unmatchable! We came across one such couple Mrs. and Mr. Jakkula where Mrs. Mamtha Jakkula got a surprise trip planned for her husband to Jaipur and Ranthambore. Get on board to know […]

Solo traveler Ketki tastes the delight of Kochi and Allepey!

Backwaters, houseboats and greenery all-around sound like a fairy tale. And if we tell that you could enjoy all these just with your own company it becomes a GOAL TRIP, like the one we recently arranged for Miss Ketki. Renowned as the ‘Backwater capital in Kerala’: Allepey was the destination that our team surprised Ketki […]

Solo traveler Radhika on the roads of Pondicherry!

Aren’t we all so caught up in our daily lives that sometimes we just wish to stop and take out the time for ourselves? Away from the city lights and all alone, just a place where we can be ourselves and enjoy our own company. Well, Radhika demanded one such trip from life, and we […]

The Gokarna escape with Raksha!

The 9 to 5 life today can be very exhausting at times and that is when the wanderer within us wishes to escape. WanderTrust had the pleasure of planning one such surprise escape for Miss Raksha and her friend to Gokarna- the beauty of beaches. Let us learn more about their trip to this traveler’s […]

Shivam’s surprise birthday trip to the pine clad valleys of Dalhousie

When in doubt, Travel, when anxious, Travel, when confused, just Travel……. With the pine-clad valleys and distant mountain views, Dalhousie is a common destination for travelers around the world who are in pursuit of nightlife and a long walk to destress in the serene atmosphere. The beautiful former British colony has something to offer for […]

Diary of a solo traveler through Bir & McLeod Ganj

Do you want to know what an adventure really is? Go ask a solo traveler! Taking a solo trip especially for the very first time is a big adventure itself, going to a new place, new people, unknown languages, curious long stares by strangers, all these can be pretty overwhelming and adrenaline rushing at the […]

Celebration of a beautiful anniversary through the beaches of Pondicherry

If traveling is your hobby, you will never be bored! Constant rejuvenation is the key to a happy life, rejuvenation can be synonymous with rediscovering one’s self, traveling is the most effective and proven method to achieve the same. In the latest of the testimonial series we bring you Viswamitra and Vishal’s journey to the […]

Wayanad and WanderTrust do it again !

Wayanad happens to be one of those offbeat locations that even we are in love with. This rural district in God’s own land, Kerala is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful cities. Famous for it’s beautiful valleys and adventurous trekking trails, this city enchants everyone that finds solace here. And so happened with Srinag too, […]

The Accidental Sakleshpur trip !

How frequently do you trust a travel-company with the destination that you’ve neither been to nor even heard of ? Well, our guest Ankush and his wife did. They put 200% of their trust and confidence in us when they decided to take a trip to Sakleshpur with WanderTrust. What follows is what we are […]