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1Where are you sending me?

If we mention you the destination then it will ruin all the surprise and we don’t want that to happen. We want you to be eager and excited for the surprise. What we can tell you is that we will send you to the location as per your preferences and interests and surely you will not be disappointed. Let life surprise you!
2What if I don’t want a surprise trip?

Going on a surprise trip is completely your choice, if at all you’re the curious kind, we could always plan a pre-planned trip for you!
P.S. It’s more fun to explore the unknown.
3Will you send me to an international destination for a surprise trip?

Unfortunately, as of now we are only covering India for surprise trips, but if you would want an international trip, we can definitely help you with a tailor-made, pre-planned international vacation.
4What if I don’t want to go to the destination you have planned for me?

Well, hopefully that’s not the case! Here at WanderTrust, we know that every destination has a lot to offer. We encourage you to explore with our curated itinerary and you won’t be disappointed. No matter where you go, you might just fall in love with a place you knew nothing about.
5Can travellers in same group depart from different cities?

Indeed Yes! We know it’s troublesome for every member of the group to decide and co-ordinate to reach the same location, so you need not worry we will make sure all your friends reach the surprise destination from different cities.
6What all is included in my budget?

The budget includes your travel to and from your destination, your accommodation, a private vehicle for local sightseeing (optional) and a detailed personalised itinerary.
7Does my budget include food and activities?

Your budget covers your travel + accommodation. We do not pre-book any meals or any activities on your behalf. However, we do recommend the best places to eat, local cuisines & delicacies you can try and activities you can do at the destination.
8What if I don’t receive the envelope in time?

We will make sure the envelope reaches you in time. However if it does not, we will send you all the details via e-mail.
9Can I gift a WanderTrust surprise trip?

What’s better than gifting a trip? Gifting a surprise trip! Just get in touch with our team and we will help you plan a perfect surprise trip for your loved ones!
10How can I book a WanderTrust surprise trip?

Fill out the quick survey then get a call from us to confirm the budget and some specific details. Once confirmed we will share the bank details for the payment and you are done. Just sit back and let life surprise you.
11Do I need to pay in advance?

Yes, the payment has to be made in advance. However, for your convenience it would be in 2 or 3 installments depending on the total budget of your trip and your date of departure.
12Since the destination is a surprise, how do I pack my bag(s)?

8 to 10 days before your departure, you will receive a teaser e-mail from us which will have information regarding your destination like the weather forecast and some recommendations on what clothes and accessories you need to pack.
13If I’m planning a solo trip, will there be other people on this trip or would I be travelling alone?

As a travel company we only plan customised tailor-made trips, we do not have any fixed group departures. So, we would not be clubbing you with other travellers, this will be your very own customised surprise trip. However though if you’d want to meet new people, we always recommend our travellers to try backpacker hostels.
14What’s the cancellation policy?

We do not have any cancellation fees. It all depends on the refund we get from the cancellation of trains/flights/hotels/hostel/bus tickets/cabs etc.
15Will there be a guide accompanying me?

No, there won’t be any guide with you. However, we share a detailed Itinerary with you guys which will have all the necessary information regarding the destination.
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