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How It Works

Discover a unique travel experience

Step 1STEP 1

Fill out the quick survey. Let us know about your travel dates, preferences, budget and some more details.

Step 2STEP 2

Get a call from our team for budget confirmation. We will also ask some specific details to make your vacation a happy experience.

Step 3STEP 3

Relax while we get our travel experts to work tirelessly to prepare the perfect itinerary of your surprise destination based on your preferences. We do the work, research and add the surprise element to your journey.

emailSTEP 4

We send you a teaser mail to get you excited. The mail contains details like what clothes to carry, weather conditions, departure location and time.

Step 5STEP 5

1 day before your departure, you will receive the Envelope. But hold on, do not open!
Let the surprise keep you more excited. The envelope contains all your tickets, hotel vouchers, itinerary. EVERYTHING!!

Step 6STEP 6

You go to your departure location, Open the Envelope, FINALLY!!
Be surprised and get going!!

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