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“From no plans to a well planned Surprise honeymoon trip, we couldn’t ask for more. I thank my brother and WanderTrust to plan this trip. As it was our honeymoon trip it was very special for both of us. Also, thank you guys for the Surprise candle light dinner!”                                                         

-Mr. Omprasad

Omprasad Trip -


“Thank you for the Surprise trip to Dalhousie, I loved the ambience and overall feel of the place. Also, thanks for the gifts and the arrangements. Would definitely look forward for the next Surprise trip! 🙂 ”                                                         

-Ms. Bhavika

Bhavika Trip -


“We thank our children and WanderTrust to Surprise us with a weekend getaway. We were so involved in our work and daily routine that we did not get any time to plan anything for our Anniversary. Our children get in touch with WanderTrust team and surprised us on our anniversary. It was definitely a calm and relaxed trip.”                                                         

-Mr. & Mrs. Lakhotia

Lakhotia Trip -


“Our experience in Coorg was amazing. The pleasant Elephant washing, the riverside walk, the beautiful Abbey falls and the adventurous river rafting. It was a complete package full of surprises. Also the weather would be missed badly. It was not just a trip but the wonderful memory for a lifetime.”                                                         

-Mr. Kshitij

Kshitij Trip -


“Are you looking for adventure with loads of surprises? Then this is your destination. A complete gateway to Gokarna and Goa was our bond with WanderTrust. Trust me this is the well planned trip we ever had. A five day road trip to Goa and Gokarna? Can you do that? Well these guys can. A must trip with bunch of my folks. After all who hate Surprises.”                                                         

-Mr. Cibi

Cibi Trip -


“My experience with WanderTrust was very fruitful. This was a very new concept for me and my family trip and they really Surprised us with all the destinations. All the work was done by WanderTrust and we just packed up and went which was great. All the requirements were full filled nicely as I was carrying my baby so they considered that thing as well. All the details which I had mentioned in the form were covered as I am in love with nature so they covered all such locations along with some good scenic beaches of Pondicherry. Thank you WanderTrust for the memorable vacation. And surely my next I would love to plan with you guys again 🙂”                                                         

-Mrs. Sonal

Sonal Trip -


“Until I visited Udupi, I thought it meant a small South Indian restaurant. Only after visiting this small town, I fell in love with this place as well as people. Being unexplored or under explored, it’s extremely clean as a city! Pretty helpful and smiling people reside in the city! Loved the beaches and the Light house! Neer Dosa, A must try.”                                                         

-Sanket & Siddhi

Siddhi Trip -


“Have you ever been in the sea with the sky full of shooting stars and the water full if glowing bugs? Well that’s how magical my birthday was last year. I have checked things that were not even on my list. On the night of my 24th birthday I was alone on a secluded beach (yes, it was pretty safe!) with stars above and below. It’s indescribable and unimaginable if I have to put it in words. WanderTrust have given me a feeling that only I share, a memory that would play like a slideshow in my last moments. I think I’d do this every year. A surprise trip from me to me, made possible by WanderTrust. Thank you guys! ”                                                         

-Ms. Aastha

Aastha Trip -


“New Year’s Eve couldn’t get more exciting! Friends, Adventure, Booze, Music along with the added element of Surprise trip through WanderTrust! Thanks for arranging such a nice trip!”                                                         

-Harshit & Group

Ashutosh Rathi Trip -


“Being architect by profession, I really enjoyed to explore Hampi. The architecture, temples, boulders just steal your heart here. The other destination post Hampi was more to relax and detox in the coffee estate of Chikmaglur. It was a fun filled trip. Thank you WanderTrust. 🙂”                                                         

-Ms. Sushmita

Sushmita Trip -


“Just went on a trip organised by WanderTrust! It was absolutely amazing! The best part was that I hadn’t even heard the name of Gokarna and Karwar, so surely I wouldn’t have ever got a chance to visit it! And the surprise beers were really amazing too! Thanks for the amazing service! Cheers! ”                                                         

-Mr. Sanket

Sanket Trip -


“It was a very pleasant and a memorable experience with WanderTrust. They arranged our trip to Goa, and it was amazing. As we were on our honeymoon, we wanted everything to be perfect and WanderTrust ensured it was. Right from the hotel locations to the service in general everything was just superb! The best surprise was the complimentary cake wishing us a happy honeymoon, that really did make us feel special. Thank you WanderTrust for this great experience. Any of our trips in the future and you are a top priority.”      

 – Mrs. Priyanka 

Priyanka Trip -