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We are back with another good story of planning a surprise trip for two friends who wanted an escape from their daily life. Sejal and Aishwarya were traveling with us for the first time, on their first-ever surprise vacation. Let us hear more from Sejal!

I found WanderTrust on Instagram. I showed it to Aishwarya and hence we were thinking about it, but we were not sure. We had a leave and we were in no mood to stay back at home, plus it was so difficult to decide the destination on our own! Thus, we just went ahead with surprising ourselves during this trip.

Wow, now that was something smart! We are happy you took the right decision! 😛 At WanderTrust our foremost aim is always to provide you with a super hassle-free experience, such that you only have to fill our survey form and then sit back and relax till your day to fly! For Sejal and Aishwarya, we chose the surprise destinations as Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram.

Pondicherry is one of the hottest destinations for touring with your friends. It has the French Legacy and a very unique relaxing vibe about itself. Mahabalipuram, on the other hand, is known for its architectural marvels! Beautiful ancients temples, monumental ruins that age back to several eras, lighthouses and more. These two places can be a dreamy package for friends traveling together. Let us know more about this trip:

Q. What was your reaction when you received the revelation envelope? Did you like the itinerary planned for you for both the places?

Ans. It was very nice actually. We had in mind that maybe it could be Pondicherry, and we were very excited when we received the envelope.

The itinerary was properly planned, we didn’t have any issues. When, where, how everything was cleared mentioned in it for each place. It was detailed and allowed us to have a smooth trip.

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Let’s stay and slay together!

Q. Did you like the accommodation facilities as well as other on-site arrangements done for you?

Ans. In Mahabalipuram, we had a villa with our personal pool. It was just amazing. In Pondicherry as well, it was the first time when we were staying in a backpackers hostel, it was a unique experience. We got to meet many new people and it was a great experience overall.

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Q. What is your best memory from this trip?

Ans. The personal pool obviously. It was a very nice and different experience because we had not stayed in a place like this before. We were seeking relaxation and we got it. We also enjoyed visiting Auroville a lot. Overall the entire trip was very good for us.

Q. Do you recommend taking surprise trips? How would you rate your overall experience out of 10?

Ans. Yes. We really liked the concept. It was worth it and we would like to take more trips in the future. I would rate it a 9/10!

Woohoo! Now that is a good score. We are glad we could plan your trip to your liking! Hoping to plan many more trips for you soon. Hello? Don’t wait, fill our survey form today and surprise yourself. Go solo, in a group or with your friend/partner! We are waiting for you.

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