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If traveling is your hobby, you will never be bored!

Constant rejuvenation is the key to a happy life, rejuvenation can be synonymous with rediscovering one’s self, traveling is the most effective and proven method to achieve the same. In the latest of the testimonial series we bring you Viswamitra and Vishal’s journey to the beautiful French colonies of Pondicherry where they had one of the best memories and a truly ardent third anniversary, the beaches, cafes, parks, malls, and cathedrals have simply added vibrancy to the most memorable third anniversary.

To experience a one a kind travel and journey all you got to do is start by answering some interesting questions here.

Q. How did you get to know about WanderTrust? What made you choose us for a surprise trip?

Actually, we got to know from a friend of ours Ankush, who was very happy after taking a trip with WanderTrust, he was elated with the kind of travel experience that WanderTrust has arranged for him. So, when we were planning something special for our third anniversary, we chose WanderTrust, and it was a very fruitful decision we made.

The concept of surprise trip excited both of us a lot, that’s one of the prime reasons to explore through WanderTrust

Q. What was your reaction upon receiving the teaser email and the envelope?

After receiving the teaser email, it created a kind of curiosity in me, we started guessing the location based on the hints given and we made some guesses, we even explored through WanderTrust’s Instagram handle. Upon receiving the envelope, the moment was truly ecstatic, as the destination was something, we did not guess at all.

Q. What is the best memory of this trip that would stay with you forever?

I and my husband are regular travelers, we have traveled to many destinations across the country which were truly anecdotal. The best memory of this trip for me as well as my husband is the aspect of surprise! We were going to a place without any prior research or preparation. I guess the entire routine of this concept was the best memory for us.

Q. How was the itinerary prepared?

The itinerary was a perfect blend of leisure and exploring a various destination. Many times people just rush their itinerary with many places and in the process, the most important thing about the travel, ‘peace of mind’, is lost. The entire planning was done perfectly, we explored the places in our cute little rented Vespa and still had sufficient ‘Us time’.

Q.Were there any inconveniences during your travel?

We had couple of mild inconveniences actually, the first one due to mixing up in some booking I.D we had to wait for about twenty minutes at the reception and the other one was due to a couple of greedy transportation personnel on our way back from Pondicherry, who continued their failed attempt extract some bribe from us for something completely legal. Although, for any kind of assistance WanderTrust was only a call away.

Q. How much would you rate the overall trip on a scale of 10?

We would give an overall rating of 8, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip and as a frequent traveler myself, I understand the effort that goes into planning a perfect trip. I have recommended WanderTrust to many of my friends already and would surely go on more amazing trips with WanderTrust in the future.

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