Christmas experiences to look out for with WanderTrust !

We all love Christmas – the lights, the decorations, celebrations, trees, Santa Claus and the gifts, and the cake of course! There’s nothing like celebrating it in a special place and in a unique way. Well, luckily, our country offers us a plethora of such experiences during the Christmas season. So, if you want to […]

Solo traveler in the picturesque beaches of Varkala & Kovalam

Traveling is a hobby for few, for many, it’s a way of life……. Traveling amidst the lush greenery of Kerala to reach the calm and quiet hamlet of Varkala is a definite bucket list in any wanderphile’s life, and to do that while traveling solo is an exotic experience enjoyed by only the fortunate few. […]

Couple in love with the dreamy landscapes of Wayanad

Every time I travel with my partner, I fall in love all over again……. Rediscovering, reminiscing and rejuvenating are the three main aspects to maintain a steady state of happiness in one’s self, those who understand this, understand the importance of traveling and long term effect it has on the human mind. Wayanad – an […]

Love stargazing ? Go intergalactic !

Aim for the moon. Even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars. Something that we learned as a child. Certainly not a bad place to land in. Well. who doesn’t love stargazing ? Sitting out on the terrace, feeling the calm breeze against your face and just stargazing. To be honest, there are very […]

Connect WanderTrust, disconnect electronics !

Well, you must be looking on the screens of your phone or laptop or some other enchanting electronic device now, right ? To be straightforward, this article is quite ironic. Why ? Well, this WanderTrust blog asks you to get rid of them. Taken aback ? You must be. For all those of you looking […]

Wonders of Spiti!

If you travel for serenity and to see beauty, Spiti is for you. If you travel to see high passes, ancient architecture and to feel the chilling air, Spiti is for you. However, even if you travel to witness unity in diversity then Spiti is FOR YOU – Buddhism and Hinduism is something really well […]

Why couples traveling together are the best!

Traveling together is almost the dream of every couple. But traveling is not just a fairy-tale fantasy. It is, to be true, a roller coaster which reveals every bit of life in itself. Besides relaxing, loving, having fun and spending time with each other, traveling has much bigger scope of making couples stand strong together […]

India – The adventure begins | Part 3

WanderTrust welcomes you to the final part of this blog-series on the exclusive adventures available in India. While Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog-series elaborated on established adventures in India today, the final part of this blog-series focuses on the adventures that are slowly trending and increasing their expanse all over the country. Dive right […]

India – The adventure begins | Part 2

A jungle safari or mountain trekking is an adventure that all of us have wished to relish at some point of life or other. Some of us are filled with wanderlust enough to have experienced these while some unfortunate ones haven’t. Yet. (With WanderTrust, every travel dream is possible). But what troubles us the most […]

India – The adventure begins | Part 1

We often fantasise the pied options that foreign countries have to offer when it comes to doing something exclusive, something adventurous, something that we have never heard before. We cherish the Disneyland, we go crazy over Tomatina festivals, we simply relish the exquisite Comic cons that happen all over the world. What if WanderTrust told […]