Couple in love with the dreamy landscapes of Wayanad

Every time I travel with my partner, I fall in love all over again…….

Rediscovering, reminiscing and rejuvenating are the three main aspects to maintain a steady state of happiness in one’s self, those who understand this, understand the importance of traveling and long term effect it has on the human mind. Wayanad – an abode submerged in the lush of greenery, cloud touching hills and every breezy weather, that often makes you wonder the reality of materialistic pleasure.

In this testimonial blog, we bring you the beautiful journey of Pooja and her partner through the lap of mother nature in Wayanad. To learn more about being part of similar surprise adventures all you need to do is start by taking a simple survey.

Q. How did you get to know about WanderTrust? What made you choose us for a surprise trip?

I got to know about WanderTrust through Instagram, every time a post popped on my feed, I used to read about the concept of surprise travel and would read the testimonial of other travelers who were genuinely happy of their association with WanderTrust.

And the concept is very interesting as you don’t know the destination, which kind of makes you stand on your toe till the last moment. Plus, for working professionals planning a trip, preparing an itinerary, making all the bookings are a big task and sometimes we end up procrastinating and end up spending all day at home, so I believe this concept entertains you and make it hassle-free to travel.

Q. What was your reaction upon receiving the teaser email and the envelope?

The teaser email had hints and easter eggs about the place we would be visiting, So I started researching based on the hints we got so we thought it would be either Coorg or Munnar, and at one point the temperature mentioned in the teaser mail even matched that of Coorg, so we were certain that we are going to Coorg. And when we received the envelope it was surprising for both I and my partner, as Wayanad was not even close to our predictions. It was truly an exciting moment.

Q. How was the itinerary prepared?

Like I mentioned before it was the first time for both of us visiting Wayanad, and the itinerary was prepared so perfectly. We did not have to rush anywhere and shuffle things to save time, it was so well planned that there was no point during our trip that we were in a hurry or losing peace of mind over something. It gave us a really pleasant memory.

Q. What is the best memory of this trip that would stay with you forever?

The accommodation was one of the finest memories of the trip, with respect to the ambience, the view and the courteous hospitality was simply unforgettable. I, as a frequent traveler sometimes end up compromising with the quality of accommodation in order to stay within the planned budget. But traveling with WanderTrust, we did not have to compromise with anything at any point in time.

Q. Were there any inconveniences during your travel?

No, we did not experience any inconveniences as such and like I mentioned the whole trip was so well planned! Even if we ourselves have planned the whole trip I don’t think it would have been so memorable.

Q. How much would you rate the overall trip on a scale of 10?

I would rate it 10! This was my first association with WanderTrust, and I have to admit how truly unforgettable it has been. I look forward to traveling with WanderTrust again and again.

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