Light up your Diwali with these offbeat destinations !

Diwali is round the corner and no Indian can be not excited. The festival of lights is one of the most beautiful festivals in the country that lights it up ! All those delicious sweets and pretty lights and family gatherings are irresistible. But what if we told you that you could celebrate this Diwali […]

The city of joy and Durga Puja, Kolkata!

Travelling to different places with your family or friends is all good but have you ever travelled to a place just because you wanted to experience the best of the festivals that it has to offer ? Well, the “City of Joy”, Kolkata is ready to celebrate the festival of Durga Puja in all it’s […]

The theme of good food and interests

All of us have a certain themed interest- be it a specific TV series or a movie or a sport. And the one place where we really care about the ambience is a restaurant. Let’s break it to you then ! There are actual restaurants all across our country that are based on a different […]

WanderTrust Surprise Expedition!

18 handpicked creative wanderers. One surprise destination. No WiFi, only conversations. Learning, inspiring. Participating, exploring and collaborating. Living a life full of surprises. Sounds like your comfort zone ? Your expedition ? WanderTrust, that goes out of its way to make your surprise trip the best possible one, is here to blow your mind- an […]

Travel lessons from WanderTrust

If you go through the WanderTrust travel blog, you’ll see articles that mostly focus on the unique places that our country has to offer or the exquisites of a location. You might find articles on the carnivals in our country or the different kinds of street food available. If you go on scrolling, you might […]

India – The adventure begins | Part 3

WanderTrust welcomes you to the final part of this blog-series on the exclusive adventures available in India. While Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog-series elaborated on established adventures in India today, the final part of this blog-series focuses on the adventures that are slowly trending and increasing their expanse all over the country. Dive right […]

India – The adventure begins | Part 2

A jungle safari or mountain trekking is an adventure that all of us have wished to relish at some point of life or other. Some of us are filled with wanderlust enough to have experienced these while some unfortunate ones haven’t. Yet. (With WanderTrust, every travel dream is possible). But what troubles us the most […]

India – The adventure begins | Part 1

We often fantasise the pied options that foreign countries have to offer when it comes to doing something exclusive, something adventurous, something that we have never heard before. We cherish the Disneyland, we go crazy over Tomatina festivals, we simply relish the exquisite Comic cons that happen all over the world. What if WanderTrust told […]

Old-age traveling : Barriers broken!

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional! Old-age travelers these days are increasing steadily. And of course – because why not?!After all these years of endless hardships and efforts is this something you/your parents/any of our beloved SEN-agers deserve? Spending the remaining period of life in that small corner of the house with only […]

Gokarna – A solo trip done right.

When talking about adventurous, free-spirited and independent women, team WanderTrust had the pleasure of meeting one such amazing young lady from Patna –Miss Somya Rastogi,while planning her trip to Gokarna! “It was a thing unheard of, and I thought it would be worth giving a try!” Somya found us out while scrolling down her Instagram […]