Surprise Trips and their perks !

“Best moments happen when they are unplanned.” We all live very occupied and busy lives. Our daily routines give us little scope to take a seat back and relax. Travelling, exploring new places is usually our way out. Executing a trip usually releases all the tension that builds up on a daily basis. WanderTrust makes […]

Ankit and his gang’s tour to Meghalaya!

WanderTrust is back with another story. We have always loved seeing our clients choosing us again and again and this story is about Ankit. He had traveled with us last year on a surprise trip to Varkala. This time he chose us for a pre-planned trip to Meghalaya with his friends. I was very satisfied […]

Solo traveler Gagana’s superb holiday!

There are times when planning a trip gets really very hectic and out of one’s hands, and if we ask what is the most difficult part about planning the trip, we are sure most of you would say that it is getting your gang together and ready for it. Phew, what a hard work! What […]

Soaring high in Himachal!

Traveling with friends is cool, but how about traveling with your siblings and cousins! We are back with another of our stories! We had this chance of planning a trip for Mr.Sushovit and his sister Miss Ishani. It was yet another surprise trip and here is their experience: I(Sushovit) saw an advertisement on Instagram but […]

Christmas experiences to look out for with WanderTrust !

We all love Christmas – the lights, the decorations, celebrations, trees, Santa Claus and the gifts, and the cake of course! There’s nothing like celebrating it in a special place and in a unique way. Well, luckily, our country offers us a plethora of such experiences during the Christmas season. So, if you want to […]

Chasing Chikmagalur with solo traveler Parth!

Chikmagalur is a wonderful hill-station of Karnataka housing holy caves, breath-taking mountain peaks, and lush greenery amidst cascading waterfalls and exquisite flora and fauna. WanderTrust had planned a surprise trip for Mr. Parth Pathak traveling solo to this paradise of India. Let’s explore Parth’s trip and experience. Parth is a travel-phile who has a special […]

Wayanad and WanderTrust do it again !

Wayanad happens to be one of those offbeat locations that even we are in love with. This rural district in God’s own land, Kerala is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful cities. Famous for it’s beautiful valleys and adventurous trekking trails, this city enchants everyone that finds solace here. And so happened with Srinag too, […]

The Accidental Sakleshpur trip !

How frequently do you trust a travel-company with the destination that you’ve neither been to nor even heard of ? Well, our guest Ankush and his wife did. They put 200% of their trust and confidence in us when they decided to take a trip to Sakleshpur with WanderTrust. What follows is what we are […]

Sneha’ first solo trip ever, with WanderTrust !

Even today, a lot of us haven’t travelled solo. We have been to different adventures with our friends and relatives but we have never really taken a solo adventure. Our adventurous guest, Sneha, randomly planned to go out on a solo trip and guess what ? Her interests landed her at WanderTrust. Well, what next […]

Gokarna hosts another couple through WanderTrust !

Craving to feel the sand beneath your feet and the salty air in your hair but don’t wish to advent to the overcrowded beaches and chaotic realms of Goa? Fret no more because a budget vacation to Gokarna presents the ideal confluence of tranquility and magnificence that will rejuvenate both the mind as well as […]