10 Must-Visit Summer Places in India To Escape The Scorching Heat

Are you dreaming of an escape from the relentless summer sun? Look no further than India, a land of diverse landscapes, rich cultures, and captivating experiences. From serene hill stations to tranquil beaches, India offers a plethora of options to beat the sweltering heat. Join us on a journey through 10 enchanting summer destinations that […]

Surprise Trips and their perks !

“Best moments happen when they are unplanned.” We all live very occupied and busy lives. Our daily routines give us little scope to take a seat back and relax. Travelling, exploring new places is usually our way out. Executing a trip usually releases all the tension that builds up on a daily basis. WanderTrust makes […]

Mamtha’s Rajasthan surprise for her beloved husband!

We all love to plan things for our loved ones which we know will make them happy. The feeling of being loved is unmatchable! We came across one such couple Mrs. and Mr. Jakkula where Mrs. Mamtha Jakkula got a surprise trip planned for her husband to Jaipur and Ranthambore. Get on board to know […]

Solo traveler Aishwarya in the lap of Himachal!

WanderTrust has always been trusted by its clients for planning a wonderful escape from their city-life. Here is Aishwarya’s story of how she let life surprise herself! This was her first surprise trip and also a solo trip, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Let us hear more from her: Q. How did you get to […]

Solo traveler Gagana’s superb holiday!

There are times when planning a trip gets really very hectic and out of one’s hands, and if we ask what is the most difficult part about planning the trip, we are sure most of you would say that it is getting your gang together and ready for it. Phew, what a hard work! What […]

Soaring high in Himachal!

Traveling with friends is cool, but how about traveling with your siblings and cousins! We are back with another of our stories! We had this chance of planning a trip for Mr.Sushovit and his sister Miss Ishani. It was yet another surprise trip and here is their experience: I(Sushovit) saw an advertisement on Instagram but […]

Christmas experiences to look out for with WanderTrust !

We all love Christmas – the lights, the decorations, celebrations, trees, Santa Claus and the gifts, and the cake of course! There’s nothing like celebrating it in a special place and in a unique way. Well, luckily, our country offers us a plethora of such experiences during the Christmas season. So, if you want to […]

Chasing Chikmagalur with solo traveler Parth!

Chikmagalur is a wonderful hill-station of Karnataka housing holy caves, breath-taking mountain peaks, and lush greenery amidst cascading waterfalls and exquisite flora and fauna. WanderTrust had planned a surprise trip for Mr. Parth Pathak traveling solo to this paradise of India. Let’s explore Parth’s trip and experience. Parth is a travel-phile who has a special […]

Travel this November like a boss baby!

14th November, Children’s day is just around the corner and WanderTrust is here with yet another set of wonderful ideas to help you relive those long-lost childhood memories. Be it a simple desire to visit a specific category of place or be it the exquisite demand of the child within you to stay in some […]

Solo traveler in the picturesque beaches of Varkala & Kovalam

Traveling is a hobby for few, for many, it’s a way of life……. Traveling amidst the lush greenery of Kerala to reach the calm and quiet hamlet of Varkala is a definite bucket list in any wanderphile’s life, and to do that while traveling solo is an exotic experience enjoyed by only the fortunate few. […]