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WanderTrust has always been trusted by its clients for planning a wonderful escape from their city-life. Here is Aishwarya’s story of how she let life surprise herself! This was her first surprise trip and also a solo trip, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Let us hear more from her:

Q. How did you get to know about WanderTrust and why did you plan to take up a surprise trip?

Ans. I saw about WanderTrust on an Instagram Ad. The concept seemed new and interesting to me so I gave it a try. This trip was important to me because, to be honest, I was done with my routine life and I was madly in need of a break. Also, I just wanted to have the chance to be only with myself and enjoy my own company. And about a surprise trip, I wanted this trip to be exciting and I was sure that if I plan the details of the trip myself I would ultimately get tired and give up, thus I wanted someone to do it for me.

Q. What was your reaction when the destination was revealed to you?

Ans. I wanted it to be Kasol because I had specified that I want to go to a mountain place and Kasol is amazing. But obviously I didn’t expect the trip would come with Bir and McleodGanj as well. I was super excited.


Happiness is in the air!

Q. How was the itinerary? Did you like the accommodation chosen for you?

Ans. It was amazing. Just that, I feel that Tosh could also have been included in it. I didn’t spend two nights in Kasol as planned, instead, I went to Tosh village and it is highly recommended. Everything else was great, I had the time of my life. The accommodations chosen were hostels and all of them were great. I reached the destination pretty late at night but I just gave one call to the person at Zostel and without any complaints, he sent me a pickup. Very nice service.

Q. What was your best experience of this trip?

Ans. Freedom. I could just get up each day, take my bag and go wherever I liked and do what I wanted to do. It was a pleasant feeling. I really enjoyed it, I am not an extrovert and this trip gave me my comfort.

Q. Was the team available to help you out when needed? How would you rate your overall experience out of 10?

Ans. The proof of how really well-organized the trip was, is that I never had to reach out to the team, there was no issue. I would rate it a 9/10!

Thank you! Your words are very encouraging. Hoping to see you again Aishwarya! Fill our survey form today and surprise yourself, or maybe just escape on a wonderful pre-planned trip!

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