Discover the Best Monsoon Travel Destinations in India with WanderTrust: 

Monsoon in India is a magical time when the landscape transforms into a lush green paradise, offering a refreshing escape from the summer heat. At WanderTrust, we specialize in personalized trip customization, ensuring your monsoon travel experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Here are some amazing monsoon destinations in India that you must explore. 1. […]

Surprise Trips and their perks !

“Best moments happen when they are unplanned.” We all live very occupied and busy lives. Our daily routines give us little scope to take a seat back and relax. Travelling, exploring new places is usually our way out. Executing a trip usually releases all the tension that builds up on a daily basis. WanderTrust makes […]

Soaring high in Himachal!

Traveling with friends is cool, but how about traveling with your siblings and cousins! We are back with another of our stories! We had this chance of planning a trip for Mr.Sushovit and his sister Miss Ishani. It was yet another surprise trip and here is their experience: I(Sushovit) saw an advertisement on Instagram but […]

Solo traveler in the picturesque beaches of Varkala & Kovalam

Traveling is a hobby for few, for many, it’s a way of life……. Traveling amidst the lush greenery of Kerala to reach the calm and quiet hamlet of Varkala is a definite bucket list in any wanderphile’s life, and to do that while traveling solo is an exotic experience enjoyed by only the fortunate few. […]

Couple in love with the dreamy landscapes of Wayanad

Every time I travel with my partner, I fall in love all over again……. Rediscovering, reminiscing and rejuvenating are the three main aspects to maintain a steady state of happiness in one’s self, those who understand this, understand the importance of traveling and long term effect it has on the human mind. Wayanad – an […]

5 things you will relate only if you are a WanderPhile

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. When the mediocrity of life entangles one, in its maze of redundancy one looks for a variety of ways to redeem themselves to a point of rejuvenation. We have all been there! When a frustrating office meeting finally […]

Wonders of Spiti!

If you travel for serenity and to see beauty, Spiti is for you. If you travel to see high passes, ancient architecture and to feel the chilling air, Spiti is for you. However, even if you travel to witness unity in diversity then Spiti is FOR YOU – Buddhism and Hinduism is something really well […]

Why couples traveling together are the best!

Traveling together is almost the dream of every couple. But traveling is not just a fairy-tale fantasy. It is, to be true, a roller coaster which reveals every bit of life in itself. Besides relaxing, loving, having fun and spending time with each other, traveling has much bigger scope of making couples stand strong together […]

The theme of good food and interests

All of us have a certain themed interest- be it a specific TV series or a movie or a sport. And the one place where we really care about the ambience is a restaurant. Let’s break it to you then ! There are actual restaurants all across our country that are based on a different […]

WanderTrust Surprise Expedition!

18 handpicked creative wanderers. One surprise destination. No WiFi, only conversations. Learning, inspiring. Participating, exploring and collaborating. Living a life full of surprises. Sounds like your comfort zone ? Your expedition ? WanderTrust, that goes out of its way to make your surprise trip the best possible one, is here to blow your mind- an […]