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A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

When the mediocrity of life entangles one, in its maze of redundancy one looks for a variety of ways to redeem themselves to a point of rejuvenation. We have all been there! When a frustrating office meeting finally giving rise to a startup idea or a boring narcissistic boss’ wrath teaching you how not be a boss. Everything in life is a learning expedition of its own kind. When one goes through this learning curve called life it can either be basic or exciting with lots of crust and trough.


So, we know what your question is “how to make it exciting, with my career at its peak?”. Well, like many of our previous travelers would agree, WanderTrust is the answer. Traveling is much ecstatic when it is effortless. And once a taste for travel is acquired, one realizes how small everyday problems are and starts appreciating the subtle beauty of life.

In this blog, we talk about 5 things only a WanderPhile can relate

1. Problems are not really problems

The definition of problems changes when you are an avid traveler, not getting your cab in time or your food getting delivered ten minutes more than the ETA, no longer upsets you. The word problem has a lot of gravity in it. Finding a glass of milk in a high terrain hilly region or looking at a child walk five to six kilometers uphill just so she could reach her school, will paint all new image of the problem.

2. Do you save for a car? I Save for a long trip

Although pursuit for materialistic possessions is very fundamental among humans, when one is a passionate traveler, enriching one’s soul is the most important thing. Tangible possessions like a house, car or even an expensive phone are always secondary. When asked about her opinion on possession vs travel, one of our solo travelers went on to exclaim “No amount of these possessions can equate with the inner peace and happiness of a long trip”

3. Appreciating small things in life

Humility is the finest jewel on a person! Humility is an attribute that is not intuitive in nature. When one travels and interacts with people from a various ethnic or economic background, they absorb a variety of thoughts and ideas about even the most unconventional of topics. A person who is humble is always the most appreciated both externally as well as internally.

4. Great storytellers

It is never that you find an avid traveler running out of words. The creativity in a person germinates and keeps growing with each new destination. Every new trip short or long is a story, a story that will forever be of the traveler.

5. Never plan and ditch

How many times has it happened that your Goa plan will just be stuck in the planning phase because of that one friend who ‘got busy’ all of a sudden? Well if you are WanderPhile you would never be that person! When you love something then your priorities align themselves automatically, for a traveler the first love is always traveling.

The beauty of this passion is even more when it is effortless, the balance between one’s profession and passion is made way more simple by the amazing people at WanderTrust, who’s travel experts surprise you with the most unique travel experience at your convenience.

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