Solo traveler Ketki tastes the delight of Kochi and Allepey!

Backwaters, houseboats and greenery all-around sound like a fairy tale. And if we tell that you could enjoy all these just with your own company it becomes a GOAL TRIP, like the one we recently arranged for Miss Ketki. Renowned as the ‘Backwater capital in Kerala’: Allepey was the destination that our team surprised Ketki […]

Shivam’s surprise birthday trip to the pine clad valleys of Dalhousie

When in doubt, Travel, when anxious, Travel, when confused, just Travel……. With the pine-clad valleys and distant mountain views, Dalhousie is a common destination for travelers around the world who are in pursuit of nightlife and a long walk to destress in the serene atmosphere. The beautiful former British colony has something to offer for […]

Diary of a solo traveler through Bir & McLeod Ganj

Do you want to know what an adventure really is? Go ask a solo traveler! Taking a solo trip especially for the very first time is a big adventure itself, going to a new place, new people, unknown languages, curious long stares by strangers, all these can be pretty overwhelming and adrenaline rushing at the […]

Sneha’ first solo trip ever, with WanderTrust !

Even today, a lot of us haven’t travelled solo. We have been to different adventures with our friends and relatives but we have never really taken a solo adventure. Our adventurous guest, Sneha, randomly planned to go out on a solo trip and guess what ? Her interests landed her at WanderTrust. Well, what next […]