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Are you the one with a head full of dreams, heart full of wonders and hands waiting to shape your world? Have you always fantasized the thought of travelling solo to mysterious and unknown destinations? Well then, you are just yet to plan on the best-est thoughts,my friend.

There are, without any doubt, innumerable opportunities one gets while travelling alone to destinations unknown. It is like pampering and rewarding yourself with surprises even you know not of! At WanderTrust we have always been keen on creating experiences for you where you can STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES! With our unique concept of getting this survey form filled and planning every minute detail of the surprise trip for you, we foster the feeling of forgetting worries and starting to collect memories. The world isn’t as scary as you think, after all!

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s reason out and dive into the depths of the astonishment and the amazement that surprise trips and solo travels have to offer us all:


Traveling alone can be an amazing way to meet locals and a lot of other travellers and forging life-long friendships. When you travel with someone you always stay in your comfort-zone and prefer talking to them. But when traveling alone you could be chatting with interesting folks at a theme restaurant or even joining a group of unique people for night-walk on the streets. Of course solo travelling requires keeping an open mind along with keeping safety in mind, especially in unknown lands.Read some of the best stories of trips planned by us here.


Like travelling makes you a well-organised and smarter person, travelling alone makes you super-well-organised and super-smart person. It teaches you the most important values of life – Patience and Self-love. You get to know your weaknesses and start transforming into a problem solver. Moreover, travelling alone teaches you to SAY A NO and to stop taking other’s negative opinions. Thus,it not only fosters discipline but also brings us closer to ourselves.


Did your cousin promise to be on time and ditch you yet again in the last trip? Or did you have to rush your spa to catch up with everyone else? This time, no such things are happening. Surprise travelling teaches you to take more risks in life, risks which turn out to be your dreams with WanderTrust. And not only this, travelling alone has both it sides – while it allows you to change plans at your own leisure it also teaches you to streamline your life at various points.

time to boss up


Wish to spend a ton of money on buying the best food? Alright! Don’t want to try out that scary but adventurous but scary bungee-jumping? Fine! Here, you have the financial control. As a solo traveler you choose how you spend every rupee of yours. This makes you much more monetarily independent and arouses the feeling of having made the best of your trip.

money money

Aren’t your feet restless already? So don’t wait for a companion, travel when you wish to with WanderTrust. We create hassle-free experiences for you to the best off-beat destinations which would make you love solo travelling. These would make experiences where you have the best person to rely upon-WanderTrust? Oh, you missed just by a small margin! It’s YOU! So pack your bags because MAGIC BEGINS WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR ROOM!

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