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The most important time is Family Time!

We had often heard this said, but planning a trip for our client Mr. Manikanth made us realize it in every true sense. WanderTrust is a one-stop destination rapidly growing in India planning trips for solo travelers, couples, friends, large groups and of course lovely families. We had the pleasure of arranging one such great trip for this family from Warangal.

It was a pre-planned trip to Udupi and Sringeri. The family was looking out for an enjoyable vacation accompanied by devotional visits on the tour.

Meeting WanderTrust

When asked about how Manikanth found us out and what were his expectations, he says:

“I got to know about WanderTrust from a few friends who had heard about the great concept; however, I wasn’t looking out for a surprise trip. I wanted a pre-planned trip as my mother always wanted to visit Sringeri. I had filled the survey form on the website but I wasn’t sure if I would be contacted for a pre-planned trip. But a week later I did receive a follow-up and the trip was confirmed.”

Surprise trips or pre-planned ones, WanderTrust has you covered for all of it. Don’t believe us? Read these feedbacks from our past clients.

“The team was helpful. I told them that I was pretty new to traveling to these unknown places and I had no idea how to plan a trip without glitches. They assured that along with the devotional quotient they will make this trip entertaining for us.”

Experience through the trip

We understand the importance of your time and resources and believe in delivering to you what is best for you in a sound budget. No fake promises, No schemes, just pure travel fun!

“I did not at all have to make calls every now and then asking for things. Instead, I was constantly being contacted by the team to ensure if everything was going right. It felt really comforting. Things were not just over after taking the money. The team was very professional and responsible.”

Talking about the accommodation facility, Manikanth tells us:

“I had asked for a sea-facing property to stay in. The accommodation I received was just awesome. It was very peaceful. Things were well planned, no hassle. We were six of us. All rooms were very amazing and were in the same floor right beside each other.”


“I really learned one thing in this trip that if things are well-planned, everything falls in place. WanderTrust was like an invisible hand managing everything so perfectly. It was as smooth as going to my home and coming back.”

We guess this is the greatest compliment we could have received. Thanks to our lovely clients. We assure you to keep up the great work and make things better with time. Manikanth rates us 9.5/10!

We are already celebrating. Fill out our survey form. Come join this traveling feast with us and take this amazing pleasure of wandering with WanderTrust.

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