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If escape is what you are looking for, then why not escape to nature and leisure in your budget! Yes, it is possible with WanderTrust. Well, this story is about Miss Arpitha and her surprise travel to Alleppey. This wonderful woman has inspired us to travel more and to do better each day. This was her first solo trip and you should definitely listen from her:

I got to know about WanderTrust when a mutual friend traveled with you people. Her experience of solo trip was very good. I wanted to give it a try as there is a lot of freedom and self-space on a trip where one can go solo. I would not have to compromise for anyone and I could do what I like at any time. There is no rushing, there is only self-love and relaxation!

Truer words have never been spoken! Let us know more from Arpitha about her trip:

Q. Why did you decide upon taking a surprise trip?

Ans. I was amazed when I read about the concept of the surprise trip by WanderTrust. In life, we are always thinking about how we can surprise others and make them happy. It is obviously an amazing feeling to have in your mind that something pleasantly unknown is being planned for you. I wanted to gift myself something nice. Also, right before this, I had been on a trip to Europe, wherein everything was self-planned and I knew the pain of planning a trip from scratch. Thus, I wanted to be free this time, I wanted to enjoy and someone else to take up the responsibilities of the planning.

Solo trip-ing is the new fashion!

Q. What was your reaction when the destination was revealed to you?

Ans. Well, firstly when I had received the teaser email, I felt like it could be Gokarna, I had forgotten to mention that I did not wish to travel to Gokarna. I just gave a call to the team to confirm the same and wow! Every rearrangement was made in such a short time. I just knew that I wanted to relax and wanted a beach destination. It was very exciting to think about what would be this new destination now.  I was pleasantly surprised on receiving the envelope and knowing that it is Alleppey.


Q. How was your experience at the accommodation?

Ans. It was wonderful. I made so many new friends there. The best part of being in a hostel is that you get to interact with so many new people. Everyone tells their travel stories and there is so much to get inspired from.

Q. What was your best experience of this trip? And what did you like the most about our service?

Ans. The best experience was that I went for four hours of kayaking. It was early morning and the sun had just risen; the view was amazing. Amidst the huge backwaters of Alleppey, the sun was shining as I enjoyed kayaking. It was an amazing moment.

About WanderTrust, I loved the way the things were planned in Alleppey. It was so smooth. There was not even a single mistake in my trip in any smallest place. Every bit was planned properly. Even when I have planned trips in the past, there have been things going wrong. But this was perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Q. Is there any message you would like to convey to other travelers?

Ans. I think everyone should go ahead and travel because it is amazing. And when they do not know where they want to go, they should try out WanderTrust.

Q. How would you rate your overall experience out of 10?

Ans. Could I rate an 11?!

Wow, those were some amazingly encouraging compliments. Hoping to see you again Arpitha! Readers, don’t think twice! Fill our survey form today and surprise yourself, or maybe just escape on a wonderful pre-planned trip! Thank us later. 😛

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