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Pretty hills with lush green forest, tea and coffee plantation, the smell of groves in the air and breathtaking views have made Coorg a popular holiday destination. We got a chance to plan one such trip for our client Nandhini and her girl gang.

You go girls!

Nandhini like many others found us on Instagram.

I had been following the page for long. While I struggled with some other sources to get a decent budget trip to Coorg, I thought why not give WanderTrust a try for a pre-planned trip.

Oh! Another pre-planned trip and we hope we nailed it. Here is Nandhini’s review of the trip:

The personalized itinerary

The girls had opted for a weekend getaway wherein we planned an itinerary which was full of relaxation and enjoyment away from the city lights.

It was unparalleled. I think the itinerary was actually the thing I loved the most about this entire phase before the trip.

The trip

I liked the fact that things were arranged as promised. Like the stay was awesome and spacious. Places included in the itinerary were well-thought of and we were very comfortable throughout. Even the driver who coordinated all the sightseeing was very well-mannered and helpful. The planning was really well done and that too in our budget.

This is an absolute compliment. Thanks to our beautiful clients who give us the opportunity to make this magic happen. Don’t believe us? Check the feedbacks right here or on our Facebook page.

The verdict

When asked if they found this trip unique from the trips taken in the past, Nandhini said:

This trip showed me the difference between taking a planned trip and a casual unplanned one. I am sure I will always travel with a pre-planned from now on!

Coorg is also called the Scotland of India. Irrespective of where you are in this region, places in Coorg have this certain charm about themselves that just cannot be explained.

Nandhini rates her trip a 9.5/10!

We are glad that we could create a memorable trip for Nandhini. What are you waiting for? Come and book one such experience with WanderTrust. Head to our website and fill in this short survey form to get on the board.

Because this will be an experience to be remembered for life!

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