India – The adventure begins | Part 2

A jungle safari or mountain trekking is an adventure that all of us have wished to relish at some point of life or other. Some of us are filled with wanderlust enough to have experienced these while some unfortunate ones haven’t. Yet. (With WanderTrust, every travel dream is possible). But what troubles us the most […]

Old-age traveling : Barriers broken!

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional! Old-age travelers these days are increasing steadily. And of course – because why not?!After all these years of endless hardships and efforts is this something you/your parents/any of our beloved SEN-agers deserve? Spending the remaining period of life in that small corner of the house with only […]

The North East Awaits

“Unexplored paths lead to undiscovered Treasures” Wonder how it looks like when your view is painted with the ever so beautiful sceneries and the picturesque sky, where you walk along with the flowers around you and the stroke of the wind gently kissing your face? This is the beauty that the North Eastern states of […]

5 Unexplored Mountainous Getaways to Surprise yourself

“The best view comes after the hardest climb” So, you’re sitting in the office, just another monotonous day, scrolling through your Facebook timeline looking at photos of your friends vacationing, and you decide that you need a break, you need a vacation. And by the stroke of luck, you stumble upon a travel article by […]

9 Benefits Of A Surprise Trip

“I am into all that sappy stuff – a surprise picnic, nice dinner or travel..” “I want to go on a vacation so bad”, how many times in a day,  do you say this to yourself – twice, thrice or may be every time you get frustrated with your ‘oh so boring’ routine life. But […]