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At some point in our life, we all have fantasised going to Ladakh or Himachal with a bunch of friends or cousins on a Royal Enfield. Riding the beast through the curved roadways in between the mountain ranges is something we all want to do at least once in our lifetime. But again, every such “Ladakh plan” ultimately turns out to be one of those “Goa WhatsApp groups” that never worked out. Well, for adventurers and travel enthusiasts, nothing is a blockade.

our team here at WanderTrust did have the opportunity of planning one such solo trip for Pavan. Our wanderer here was out on his first solo trip and his enthusiasm had no bounds.

Pavan found out about WanderTrust from our Instagram page, and was really interested in the unique concept of surprise trips. As he puts it, “it was really surprising” to know about the company and surprise trips, as he had never come across anything as such. This is when he decided to fill in our survey form and give both WanderTrust and the wanderer in him a chance. Well, let’s find out more about Pavan and his solo trip to Himachal !

Surprise Solo Trip | Himachal

Q. What was your reaction on receiving the first email followed by the envelope ?

Ans. It was actually quite exciting receiving the email and the envelope. Everything was mentioned in it, and I loved the template of all of it.

Q. What were your special experiences during the trip ? 

Ans. It was surely beautiful, the mountains were magnanimous and amazing ! The view was scenic. I particularly enjoyed the waterfall. The entire ride was amazing. There were times I had to ride through the jungle. While making it to the monastery, there was nobody on the road and it was so peaceful – just you and your bike.

Surprise Solo Trip | WanderTrust | Himachal

Q. Were there any inconveniences that you faced during the trip ?

Ans. There was just one problem. The temperatures were really low in Kasol in the morning and its really difficult to get up so it was problematic to go and hand over my bike. I had to travel for quite some time for the same and had to pay a small amount of extra cash because I was late. Also, Bir-Bling to McleodGanj took quite some time so it got dark and I couldn’t see a lot there.

Surprise Solo Trip | WanderTrust | Himachal

Q. How was your overall experience?

Ans. I found this trip to be very different from a pre-planned trip, the thrill of it was amazing. Everything else was perfect and in-place. It was indeed a great experience. I would rate my overall experience a 9 out of 10.

Surprise Solo Trip | WanderTrust | Himachal

Looks like someone had ‘a feast of a first solo trip’. We are happy that we could plan this trip for Pavan, and look forward to more such solo trips from him. What are you waiting for then ? Fill out our survey form and find your own adventure solo trip with us !

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