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Trips with your gang are trips to be cherished forever. And what could be better than having a tour with your girl gang? Here we are with one more of our trips, designed especially for a few lovely ladies to Chikmagalur! WanderTrust makes sure that beautiful ladies across India can travel alone and tick off their wishlists!

We had the pleasure of planning this trip for Miss Alvita and her two friends from Mumbai. They found us on Facebook, after seeing pictures of a close friend who had recently traveled with us to Ooty. We have always been indebted to our great clients for their appreciation and encouragement. Let us see what Miss Alvita has to say about her girls-only-tour!

“I saw the pictures of a friend of mine on Facebook. They had traveled with WanderTrust to Ooty. The Facebook page further excited me and we were sure to give it a try.”

Q. How did you like the concept of surprise trip planning, were you confused if you should take it?

A. We didn’t actually want a surprise trip. We had thought for a pre-planned trip. But the entire concept seemed so amazing when I read about it and saw the feedbacks. I also talked to your Team and we were all convinced that we wish to try it out.

Q. What was your reaction when you received the teaser email and REVELATION envelope?

A. We were actually very surprised. Receiving an exciting mail and then an envelope on our doorstep! We were expecting we would get something common like Ooty according to our preferences. But it was Chikmagalur! We were very excited and happy.

A tiny town in Karnataka, Chikmagalur, besides producing almost all the Indian coffee you have had in your lifetime, is also famous for being a great getaway for busy city folks. Don’t you simply love the aroma of fresh morning coffee? Now, imagine that aroma all around in the air perpetually. Whatever you do in Chikmagalur, you are bound to fall in love with nature all over again.

Q. What was the best thing you loved about your trip with WanderTrust?

A. It was the last day of the trip when we were relaxing and suddenly we received a Cake and some beer bottles. We were really surprised and happy on receiving the gift.

Q. After your experience would you recommend Surprise trips? What was the best thing about surprise trip over pre-planned trips?

A. Definitely. The best part was that literally nothing was planned by us. We had no headache of deciding what, where, how. So, we just packed our bags and left! Our expectation was that of complete relaxation in our budget and we got it. No hustle at all.

Q. Were there any issues related to safety, because you were all girls?

A. We were three girls traveling and the comfort and guidance that was given to us throughout the trip with total freedom was amazing. Our guide, also our driver, was the best. He took special care of us and made sure we visited good places.

Q. Were there any inconveniences caused during the trip?

A. No, everything from Mumbai to Mumbai was very smooth. We couldn’t visit some of the places because of traffic and weather conditions. But everything else was wonderful.

Q. How would you rate your experience with WanderTrust?

A. I would give it a 9/10. It was a great trip.

We too had great fun planning your trip Alvita! Keep coming back for better experiences! And what are you waiting for? Come fill this survey form and take a trip with us right away!

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