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Hey Ladies! We have been so happy to have several of you booking your trips with us. We intend to empower our ladies by making traveling alone or in girl-groups safer. So it is that time of the year when most of you will be holiday-ing; so why don’t you surprise yourself with WanderTrust?! We believe in sprinkling a little happiness in all our trips. With our concept of surprise trip planning you can be sure to have a great winter vacation and a lot of excitement around.

When traveling with us, the only thing you really have to worry about is packing your bags and getting the next transport facility, which is again planned by us 😛 So when you are packing your most favorite skin-care essentials do not forget these:

Block the sun!

Traveling without sunscreen can be a nightmare for your skin, be it a hot or a cool climate. You always need to be equipped with at least SPF 30. Most of us don’t realise that we are exposed to the rays of the sun even when we’re inside an airplane, or sitting in the car for extended hours, and we need to protect our skin against them. Pack in that SPF!

Cute mini shampoo and conditioners

Do we even need to tell this? Who would want all dirty and oily hair after being out an entire day? Make sure you eliminate those big bottles and pack your favourite shampoo and conditioner in a small handy kit. You can find these small bottles in most beauty-essential shops and online. Just transfer some of the shampoo and conditioner to these small bottles.

Can’t do without Cleanser

Imperative alert! Throughout the day the skin on your face is continually covered with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells. Daily facial washing removes these impurities to give the skin a fresh look. Cleansing helps manage PH levels of the skin; enabling hydration. After a day full of adventures with WanderTrust you would want your skin to relax and breathe out.

Miracle Micellar

Apart from a good cleanser, we always need a perfect makeup remover. Be it any skin type, Micellar water has the magic. Micelles pretty much work like magnets, in that they attract and trap the dirt and excess oils on your skin. This is why the water works well in removing makeup and in cleansing your skin.

More! more! more! Mascara

YES! If you are someone who would prefer an ONLY-light-eye-makeup-look then you really need these sleek, cute packages. No need to mess around with those extra artificial lashes. Mascara adds an extra surprise element in your look. Just like WanderTrust adds up to your great trips with its mini surprises.

Moisturize your skin and lips

Even if you are someone with an oily skin, a moisturizer is your best friend. Your skin and lips tend to dry out as you keep traveling in the pollution filled air. It may lead to break-outs. Thus a good moisturizer in your travel-day routine is always a good idea.

The secret- Sheet masks

Love masking? But not the usual tedious and messy process, right? Well then don’t forget to carry Sheet masks. Sheet masks have been like a revolution for mask-lovers. They come in slim, portable and bright packages and can fit in just anywhere. Just take them out of the packet and put it on your face. Voila!

Emergency: Anti-acne

Emergency break-outs during a trip always call for some acne care. Do not forget to carry along your favourite Acne-cream. They could be like the rescuer that WanderTrust is in any situation during your tour.

Conceal Them!

Well most of us prefer a very light make up look while traveling. A lot of heavy make up throughout the day could hamper your skin amidst a new climate. If you want to achieve a more natural no makeup look, all you need is a good concealer for fundamentals! Suitable for starters, no dramatic makeup change but look fresher to kick the day.

Few picks from lipsticks

Do not forget to mix and match some of your favourite nudes, darks and brights for different look during travel. They will give a different touch to your face and attire. Because selfies are important 😛

Ecstatic? Come book your trips with WanderTrust. We care for everything that concerns you from fun to safety . See you soon.

Traveling is the new self-empowerment.

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