Surprise Trips with WanderTrust

Planning for a vacation can be an overwhelmingly stressful task. There are too many factors to take into account. You have to decide where exactly you will go, what will you do when you get there, what will be your travel and accommodation measures, etc. Moreover, if you are traveling with family or friends, multiply all your concerns by the total number of people going with you! If someone wants to go to Shimla, someone else will want to go to Manali. If someone wants to stay in a hotel, someone else will want to stay in a hostel. If someone wants to travel by flight, someone else will want to travel by train, and so on and so forth.

A simple way to do away with all these hassles entirely is to have your vacation planned by WanderTrust! WanderTrust is not just any other travel agency. What makes us unique is our specialization in surprise travel! Yes, you read that right! WanderTrust takes into consideration your likes, dislikes, and cities you’ve already visited, before curating a personalized travel package to a surprise destination!  Moreover, you will also get packing and travel tips specific to your mystery destination along with weather forecasts, etc. A day or two before your departure, you will receive an envelope with the name of your mystery destination! With WanderTrust, the heated debates about travel destinations will quickly turn into gleeful anticipations about your mystery location!

Let us plan a Surprise Trip for you!