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The tale of five charismatic ladies in Coorg!
April 24, 2019

Pretty hills with lush green forest, tea and coffee plantation, the smell of groves in the air and breathtaking views have…

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Going Gokarna with Samiksha
February 17, 2019

Hey there! Wondering where your next tour should be and how to go about planning it? Well, like always WanderTrust has…

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Kodaikanal: Nature at it’s best!
February 9, 2019

Looking out for places for a great tour this Valentine’s season? Well, WanderTrust has the fix for you! Come with us…

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A check-list for our traveling beauties!
December 25, 2018

Hey Ladies! We have been so happy to have several of you booking your trips with us. We intend to empower…

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Why every woman needs to travel solo!
October 29, 2018

When a woman travels, particularly alone, she is making a statement, one that says that she refuses to be associated with…

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Tours you could take up with just one month of savings!
October 19, 2018

WanderTrust has always won the love and trust of its beloved clients by its great service and relentless strife towards serving…

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Bangalore | What you seek is seeking you!
September 29, 2018

Bangalore is a megacity situated in the state of Karnataka. It is one unbelievably versatile place for every need, every mood…

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Connect WanderTrust, disconnect electronics !
September 2, 2018

Well, you must be looking on the screens of your phone or laptop or some other enchanting electronic device now, right…

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Travel lessons from WanderTrust
August 1, 2018

If you go through the WanderTrust travel blog, you’ll see articles that mostly focus on the unique places that our country…

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